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You can help us make dreams come true by donating to Dreams for Seniors Charity.


Founded in 2005 by Debbie Davison in Pekin, Illinois.

Service area includes seniors within 50-mile radius of Pekin, IL and The Villages, FL.

Operates as charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Ensures 100% of all funds raised goes to fulfilling dreams.

Granted over 300 dreams since its founding.

Dreams Come True

Senior Dreams DO Come True!

These dreams came true for the following individuals. And with your continued support we can make sure many more come true, too.

Floyd and KathrynFloyd and Kathryn

Floyd and Kathryn had much to celebrate and we were there to get the party started. Kathryn turned 79 years old and Floyd had many ongoing health challenges. In mid October, Floyd, suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, was unable to speak, feed himself, or walk. With professional nursing, therapy services and the unending loving support of his wife, Floyd is now talking, eating meals on his own and walking with a walker.

Jorene S.Jorene S.

Joerene S. always prided herself on keeping a clean house. Then she fell down a flight of stairs and was injured. She was unable to clean her house the way she had done all her life. She asked us to get her house cleaned and then her home health aid could help her keep it clean. We arranged for the house to be cleaned and the carpet shampooed.

Patricia S.Patricia S.

Patricia S. wanted to go to her family reunion in Texas. Unfortunately, she had no money for the trip. We arranged for the bus trip and a two-night hotel stay in the hotel where her family was having their reunion. She was very thankful.

Angie K.Angie K.

Angie K. always had a pristine house until she fell and fractured her pelvis. She could keep it clean now when she started feeling better, but she felt so overwhelmed. She asked for help getting her house back into shape and she would work to keep it that way. We arranged for her house to be cleaned for her and she will keep her home sweet home clean and tidy.

Grace J.Grace J.

Grace J. wanted to get back into her home; however her family was concerned about her bathroom floor. We went to check out the problem and found a much larger problem. There had been a leak in her gas stove and the house was filled with natural gas. Grace, having no sense of smell, was unaware of the leak. Since her neighbor had already fixed her bathroom floor, Grace’s wish quickly changed to a new stove.

Dorothy L.Dorothy L.

Dorothy L. needed material to make patchwork curtains for her home. We hunted for some material and delivered it to her so she could make her curtains of many colors. Then we realized she had no flooring in her bathroom. We arranged for a new floor to be laid.

Martha O.Martha O.

Martha O. is a quadriplegic and missed working with a computer. Her dream was to receive a computer program, which would allow her to work with the computer again. We did some research and learned about a program which is voice activated and would allow Martha the joy of surfing the net from her wheelchair. We got her what she needed and she’s off and surfing like never before.

Ralph F.Ralph F.

Ralph F. was our first “honor” dream. We honored this decorated WWII veteran with a ride in a flight simulator and a reception in his honor. We enjoyed his stories and picture from that war torn era as much as he enjoyed sharing with us.

These are just a few of the Dreams that came true. To make a referral or begin volunteering, start by visiting our Contact Us section and completing the online form.