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Debbie Davison, Executive Director

Leadership Team

Debbie Davison
Executive Director

“I had been a volunteer for the Dream Factory of Central Illinois for the past 21 years, granting dreams to chronically and critically ill children. Working as Administrator/Owner of Home Health Care Plus, Inc. in Pekin, I often saw seniors who had a special dream that I would love to help become a reality. Granting a special dream is a way to honor and thank seniors for all they have given us throughout their lives.

I founded Dreams for Seniors Charity in July 2005 in order to grant dreams to chronically or critically ill seniors. The age stipulation is 68 years and older, but being a cancer survivor myself, I have expanded the scope to include younger individuals if they are critically ill.

I had been visiting a shut-in woman named Opal for 15 years and learned she was turning 100 years old in two days. It’s at that point that I decided to start a non-profit charity to grant chronically or critically ill seniors dreams and that Opal would be the first dream recipient!

I asked Opal, “If you could have any dream for your 100th birthday, what would it be?” Opal has a wonderful sense of humor, and answered, “A man, Debbie. I’m lonely.” We had a good laugh and she later opted for three months of paid rent and a month of free breakfast meals.

I’m proud to be a part of Dreams for Senior Charity for many reasons, but perhaps most importantly because, to date, 100 percent of the donations made to our organization have been used to grant dreams.”

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